Software Application Development

Nimble3 offers a wide range of custom development services to its clients. Whether it’s a new idea that needs conceptualisation or making an existing solution more effective – nimble3 has the right expertise, methodologies and experience to deliver the most robust solutions.



Open Source

Migration & Refactoring

We have helped a number of our clients to migrate or refactor their older platforms to modern state-of-the-art platforms such as J2EE, .NET and OS PHP. We employ in-dept due diligence methodologies to ensure that the existing business operations remain undisturbed while we upgrade a platform.

Development and Maintenance

We offer reliable and cost effective software development to our clients. We can offer our expertise regardless of the life cycle stage the solution is in. We can provide dedicated project managers to monitor and ensure a smooth up-keeping of all your business processes. Often small tweaks and maintenance tasks can save a company from loosing valuable time and money.

Interface and UX Design

We truly believe that UX design plays an important part in making a successful application. We equally focus on creating a rich feature set, as well as one that is highly usable.